Factory Scene

Covers 15000 square meters,2 layers workshops ,1 layer store ,also have dormitory and mess for workers.

Wave soldering

Advanced soldering technique equipment, guarantee the perfect power supply PCB soldering.

One sight of Production

Total six production lines, ensure the production capacity can be 20000 pcs one day.

Aging room

Make suer the goods 100% load aging for 2-4 hours, ensure the good quality .

Enterprise certification


UL authentication

The UL security testing institute is the most authoritative institution in the United States, and is also a large civil institution engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. It is an independent, for-profit, professional organization for public safety testing. Mainly engaged in product safety certification and operation safety certification business, the ultimate purpose is to obtain a fairly safe level of products for the market, for personal health and property security guarantee to contribute.


KCC authentication

KCC certification is based on the basic telecom law of Korea and the radio wave law, which is compulsory for telecommunication equipments and products. The Korean Communications Commission is responsible for the management of telecommunications products, which authorizes the Agency Radio Research (RRA) as its certification body, and implements specific certification work for its products. KCC certification is tested by the former MIC accredited South Korean laboratory, and a model approval certificate is issued by RRA.


FCC authentication

FCC coordinates domestic and international communications by controlling radio, television, telecommunications, satellites and cables. Involving more than 50 states, Columbia and the United States in their respective districts to ensure the safety of life and property related to radio and wire communications products, Department of engineering technology FCC (Office of Engineering and Technology) is responsible for the technical support Committee, is also responsible for equipment approved the transaction.


CCC authentication

3C certification is called the "mandatory product certification system", it is China government for the protection of consumers' personal safety and national security, enhance product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations the implementation of a product conformity assessment system. The so-called 3C certification, that is China compulsory product certification system, the English name China, Compulsory, Certification, English abbreviation CCC.

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